Bunny Camp


I will brush and comb your rabbit guinea pig twice a week if short haired and daily if long haired. Apart from keeping their coat and skin in good condition it relaxes them and makes them feel more special. It also gives me a chance to get to know them better and have a cuddle :) They all love the Bunny Camp fuss.



"Now scratch the other one"


If your pet has a regular veterinary appointment which is due while you are away I can keep this for you. A small charge will be made for this service, depending on distance. You can contact Bunny Camp with the details and I will work out the charges.



If you are going to have a problem bringing and picking up your pet for their holidays, maybe you don’t have transport or a small pet carrier, I can arrange with you a day and time to pick up and return your pet. There will be no extra charge if the pickup is local within a 6 mile radius of Bunny Camp. Any further afield there will be a small charge. Give me a call with your details and I will work out if any charges will be made.