Bunny Camp

Room Service

The day usually starts around 8 am when I open up the “Bunny Camp” doors and open all the windows. First things first and I find most important to guests “BREAKFAST”. Everyone gets their daily portion of dried food, all hay racks are topped up and everyone is given a portion of Excel herbage.

At roughly 9am its time for fun and games (see “Fun and Games” page).

Around midday I start the daily housekeeping replacing all bedding and emptying and cleaning all litter trays. Everyone receives fresh water. All worktops are cleaned and the floor is swept and mopped.

At 5pm they will be fed at least 5 portions of vegetables and fruit (see the menu).

At bedtime (time depends on the weather and season) I check on everyone, top up hay racks and in autumn/winter all will get a goodnight supper, a handful of barn dried grass. Lights out lock up and goodnight.

If your pets daily feeding routine differs from mine I will adhere to yours if requested.

Buck House Squeaks