Bunny Camp


The accommodations at Bunny Camp are in a large 14ft x 8ft hut which has opening windows a fridge to keep all the fresh food at its best and a cupboard for storing all the boarders dried food. It also has an electric insect zapper which is kept turned on 24/7. All Hutch Floors are lined making them easier to keep clean. I clean out and replace bedding daily, all litter trays are emptied and sanitised daily. A full clean out is done twice a week. Each accommodation is sanitised between boarders by Jeyes strong pet friendly cleaner / disinfectant and all accommodation will be dry for the next occupant. The hut floor is swept and washed and the work tops sanitised daily. I use a mixture of straw and hay for bedding and dust extracted shavings .

I have a portable oil filled radiator for freezing winter days as little piggy’s aren't happy when its really cold and a portable air con unit for those very hot summer days as little bunny’s hate it too hot.

These are only used in very extreme weather conditions so they won’t catch cold or get overheated when they return home.

There are 6ft Hutches for Rabbits and 5ft Hutches for Guinea pigs. We also do in house boarding, as like myself there are more and more house rabbit and guinea pig owners these days. The outside accommodation is in the hut and not directly in the garden but if your pet is used to living in the house with you the atmosphere is totally different. The bedroom is divided into 2 so I can look after 2 lots of rabbits at once ( I don't cage rabbits they run free) plus I have 6 large cages for house guinea pigs.

Also available is picture 8, this 6ft x 2.5ft, 2 storey hutch with a 6ft run attached for your bunnies sole use, during daylight hours. It has a thermal cover to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. If you want this hutch for your bunnies state at time of booking.


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