Bunny Camp


Here at Bunny Camp we are occassionally asked to assist with the rescue and rehoming of pets that can no longer be looked after by their owners for whatever reason.


Little Marley is in need of a forever home. He's an amazing friendly bunny he would make a lovely house bunny hopefully with a girlfriend. He's approximately 18 months old and will be neutered and fully vaccinated. I am offering a free bonding service for this little man.

Little Boo

Little Boo is in need of a forever loving home. She s a mini lop and 3 1/2 years old, she's neutered and fully vaccinated with the myxomatosis/vhd and the new vhd2. She was never looked after/fed properly and never allowed exercise so she's loving life at the moment. All she needs now is a lovely buck (boy) to.make her life complete. I'm offering free bonding for this little girl

Betty and Wilma

We have these 2 girls, Betty and Wilma, in need of a loving forever home. They are 6 months old at 26/01/2018. They are sisters and need to stay together. They are currently living in but when the weather warms up can go outside.