Bunny Camp


Here at Bunny Camp we also offer a hutch making service. Sometimes we may have some already made but usually we make them to your own requirements so you may have to be patient and wait for your bunnys new home.

We always make them from very high quality shiplap and strong fox proof mesh, the floor is exterior grade ply wood and we cover this with vinyl floor tiles to prolong the life of your hutch, they also have very strong hinges and bolts, so your pet will be very secure. They have a sloping felted roof and are weather proofed.

They come already made up...apart from the penthouse, which is so large it has to be erected on site. We can offer a local delivery service for a small fee, please arrange this when ordering and we can work out prices for you.

Below are some pictures of hutches that have already been made for people just to give you some idea of quality, sizes and prices. All you need to do is pick a design and tell us the size you would like. If you have a certain design of your own in mind just let us know and we will make it for you.

Single Hutch

This single storey hutch measures 6ft wide x 2ft deep x 2.5ft high and is £120.

We also do it 5ft wide x 2ft deep x 2.5ft high and is £100

Single Hutch

This hutch was a special request for a customer 6ft x 2ft £120

Double hutch

This double storey hutch is 6ft wide x 2ft deep x 4.5ft high. Price £200.

We also do it in 5ft wide x 2ft deep x 4.5ft high. Price £180


The Penthouse. Overall measurements are 8ft wide x 4ft deep x 6ft high.

The house size is 4ft wide x 4ft deep. Price £200. But this can be made to any measurements you require

We also make rabbit runs, this one was made to the customers required measurements 200cm long * 100cm wide * 60cm high and cost £50

Rabbit Run